Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is God A Person?

Recently I read a good book about a Sheppard boy who met Jesus. Jesus Christ not only appears to him time to time, but also conveys to him messages in order to spread them across the masses. You can read the summary and review at minsobooks.

This brings up an interesting point asked by one an many. Is God a person? If so, male or female?

If you think about the concept of creation, everything is one consciousness and we can call that supreme consciousness as God if you wish to.

Now if we are referring to a supreme consciousness, we should refer to it as IT, not he or she. Right? But the point here is that one consciousness has absolute intelligence, knows everything and connects everything. So such an intelligent consciousness can convey to us (when we are ready) impersonally touching our thoughts, or personally in a male or female form, in the way we believe a God to be. Because of this, Yogananda said that God is both personal and impersonal. 

In this context, there is an interesting story about Swami Vivekananda. One South Indian king invites him to his court and while talking to him, ridicules the concept of statue worship. Swami Vivekananda calmly asks for a painting of the King. Then he tells the person who brought it to stand or spit on the painting. The person hesitates saying he can not disrespect the king. Swami says 'It's only a painting and not the king himself. How does it matter?'. The kind immediately gets the point.

In the contemporary context, think of a robot which can help you in your day to day work. You may call it, IT or by a male name or a female name. But the fact is, it has the (artificial) intelligence to help you in your every day tasks and it does not matter how you think of its gender. In the same way there is a highest intelligence which is guiding you and it does not matter by whatever name you call it. If you think it is a person like you, it will be so, because it is the highest intelligence and it can adopt itself to your thoughts and concepts in order to help you.

It is unfortunate that people fight in the name of God. If any one thinks that my God is different from your God, the important point of one consciousness is missed. God is not different but our individual concept of God is different, which is okay, considering that all of us are referring to the same highest Intelligence permeating all the universe. Another important point here is that, it really does not matter if you don't believe a God, because it is still possible to connect to the common consciousness enveloping the universe. Some times atheists who are kind and compassionate are nearer to God than the believers who encourage violence!