Friday, December 30, 2011

How to be spiritual?

Whether one is aware or not, we all are spiritual beings. So there is nothing new to become spiritual. However from the awareness point of view, it helps to make a deliberate attempt to become spiritual especially when you are either new to spiritual concepts or don't believe in spirituality.

The very first step in becoming spiritual is to be aware that we are spiritual beings with a body and mind. It helps to elaborate on this concept slightly more. You are not the dress you wear however you may like your dress. Similarly you are not the designation you are given in your job though you may like it very much. Just as dress is outside your body and worn by your body, your body is worn by your soul. Think of soul, mind and body as three layers with soul, the deepest or the inner most.

What is the advantage of thinking so? What happens if you don't believe in this concept? Whether you believe it or not, it is true that all of us are spiritual beings. So it really does not matter whether you believe or not. However believing helps in bringing your awareness to this fact and helps you to realize the spiritual nature much easier. This awareness becomes the foundation for spiritual wisdom.

We will discuss some more steps to be spiritual, in the future posts.