Sunday, January 16, 2011

The End Of The World 2012

Will be world end in 2012?
This question started after the knowledge from Mayan calender which states that December 2012 is the end of present major cycle. In this post, I will try to give my perspective about the end of the world 2012.

Swami Sri Yukteswar mentioned in his holy science that, starting from 1699 AD, ascending Dwapara Yuga started. Read here more about the Yuga theory of Sri Yukteswar.

In short, we (the earth and the solar system) are nearing a grand center of divine magnetism and so the human consciousness is steadily increasing. You can see the proof in the high technological developments that are taking place in every field, increased ease in communication across the world, reduced travel time, increased understanding about metaphysics and the ability to comprehend subtle energies and much more.

There are two factors in the human development. (a) the effect of time on us (b) the result of our own effort. This can be equated with going in the boat in a river. When the river current is slow, you need to put more effort to forward. When the river is fast like when it enters a slope, it is more easy to row the boat in the same direction. In both situations, if you don't make any effort at all, you may not progress at all or you may stray in unwanted directions.

In the same way, the present positive time is helping us like a faster river flow. If we make effort, we can progress spiritually much better than earlier times. However if we don't make any effort, it is easy to get stagnated or even get immersed due to river currents if we are careless.

So the present time represents the shift in consciousness. Hindu Yuga cycle calculated the change at 1700 AD and Mayan calender at 2012. Considering the cycle of 5000 odd years, you can see that 300 years is not that much a big difference.

Now, due to many misunderstandings and past experiences, there are many problems in the world. One major example is when people fight or kill others on the basis of religion. This is sheer ignorance. Infact any religion is a path that should help people to progress spiritually. But some have mis-understood their path and distorted religions into narrow dogmas. Any way, in this situation, the natural shift (uplift) of consciousness is bound to create reactions where there are big human errors.

So we can expect various problems during this transition (we are already experiencing them) but this is not going to be the end of the world.

How can we protect ourselves from these natural reactions due to shift in consciousness?

As told in the earlier example, when the river current is changing, you need to be more careful and deliberate in your rowing so that you can control you boat and progress in the right direction. In the same way, in the present shift of consciousness, one should strive to become more balanced, educate oneself, show tolerance to all creatures and put effort for spiritual progress through meditation. It's comparatively, more easy to progress spiritually now due to the positive effect of ongoing change in the consciousness.