Thursday, October 21, 2010

The life you dont want to live

You wanted to buy a nice home to stay and approach a  builder. The builder is well reputed and known for high design abilities. You buy a house already built and shift there. Since you are in a hurry, you were not able evaluate much and go by the reputation of the builder.

You find that the house is made in a strange way. The windows and doors are not where there are supposed to be. To go to the kitchen, you need to jump over a 5 feet wall. When you call the builder, you get the answer that it is the most latest design and the exercise of jumping helps you to keep fit. He also offers to reduce the height to 4.5 feet but says removing it will spoil the look of the house.

The view from first floor balcony is very nice but there is no door way to your balcony. You need to go the terrace, take the rope provided and slid into the balcony. You find it difficult but climbing back  is even more difficult. However the builder assures you that the rope used is imported, it is made of very advanced technology, it has got hundred strands which are arranged in a fascinating configuration etc. You are not impressed but you dont want to make a fool of yourself and so you keep quiet.

Bedroom is even more interesting. The bed is hanging from the ceiling and you need to take a ladder everyday. The builder explains that this is to save space. You heard about beds and tables that can be folded to the wall but this high bed is causing you trouble.

As days goes by, you will find that instead of being happy in your new home, you are always anxious. Most of the time you have body pains or sprains. Your schedules are constantly getting affected because of the way house is designed. The builder constantly keeps assuring you that he has given the best and refuses to do any modifications.

Initially you are proud of the house and invite friends and guests to show the house. After some initial rush, people run away from your house as they are afraid that they need to learn acrobatics to be in your house.

One find day, you wake up with a determined mind. You just want a house to live and not for anything else. You decide to take the matter into your hands, and do whatever you feel comfortable in your house.

Do you think this situation is unusual? Why anyone should act in self destructive ways?
Actually this situation is very common in the lives of many people and even organizations. You tolerate a job which does not give you satisfaction and feeds you frustration every day. Organizations (and even governments) will have rules that are rather a hindrance than assistance for a particular cause.

When you are aware that you are living a life you don't want to live, you will make the change. The moment you understand the mental patterns that cause you obstructions in your life, you are on way to progress faster both on material and spiritual path.