Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swastika or Swastik Symbol - Insight about the meaning

I got this insight about meaning of Swastik or Swastika symbol when I sat for meditation. This is quite unusual because I normally don't focus much on symbols, rituals etc. Before explaining the meaning, here is some background about Swastik/Swastika for those who are not fully aware of it.

Swastika or Swastik Symbol

Swastika is a symbol (shown in the first image) dating back to thousands of years used in eastern religions like Hinduism. Swastik or Swastika is a Sanskrit word, meaning  goodness and wellness. This is considered as a symbol for well being and is used for auspicious occasions.

Unfortunately it's meaning got misled later when during last century, Nazis used a similar symbol for their party. (Our Saints did not believe in patenting the symbol :-)). Later on Germany banned it for political party use.

Now coming to the interpretation I got, I will use the second diagram below to explain the point.

Swastika Symbol - meaning interpretation

It all started with a thought about the purpose of meditation. One of the ways of explaining the purpose of meditation is spiritual progress, by taking energy inside and upwards. Now consider the above diagram, the energy is at point 6, we take the energy inwards to 7, raise to 8, further rise to 9 and take it inwards further to 10 in order to get a higher understanding. Once we get the higher understanding, and we are in the inward plane (axis 5, 4, 10), we use the lower end of the energy from 5 to 4, bring it outwards (4, 3 , 2) and use it in the external world with a higher consciousness (point 1).

In summary, Swastika / Swastik symbol represents rising of spiritual consciousness and then using it for external use.

Interestingly after getting this insight, I was searching for the traditional meanings and I read that one interpretation is - a forward Swastika represents involution and reverse evolution of the universe. See the diagram below.

I did not know this interpretation earlier but I find that this is also inline with my present insight or understanding. Pravritti in Sanskrit means a characteristic external trait or outward action, this is required for any being in order to live and progress in the external universe. On the other hand, Nivritti means going inwards, renunciation - this is required for the soul progress.

By the way, the name of this blog was also based on this concept of meditation. That is for another post.