Monday, April 19, 2010

What is this blog about?

I have been volunteering for spiritual work for quite some time and I came across many questions, opinions and discussions from various people I have interacted with. Most of the topics are related to practical aspects of spirituality from how to choose a path to how to apply spiritual concepts to day to day life. Some of the topics are also related to how to apply spiritual knowledge in order to gain success, peace and happiness in our lives. Even more intricate points are related to our karma. Some one says - I am honest and do everything good, why should I suffer while some one else who is insincere or dishonest is happy.

I could connect with such topics because I myself pondered over them and experimented over many years and explored for answers. We have works written by great saints and teachers on various aspects of spiritual paths, however they are not easily understood by every one. Even if we do understand a bit, applying those truths to daily life is another challenge.

Another problem in this area is a strong bias towards a religion or a sect or particular teachings. Spirituality is different from religion and such biases only complicate the situation and blocks our understanding.

With this background, I felt that there is a great need to connect spirituality with practical life and my goal is to take up such topics in this blog and discuss based on my own experience and share my thoughts and observations. I hope that there are many seekers like me who will find such discussions useful and thought provoking.