Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Even one on this earth wants to be happy, irrespective of whatever they do. Some one may be chasing this happiness through love and some one else in money. Even if some one turns criminal, he/she is still chasing happiness and believes that happiness comes out of what they do.

Most people believe that  by earning lots of money we can get happiness. Ofcourse, money has lot of practical value, however do you find rich are always very happy? In most cases it is not so. At the same time, does this mean being poor can bring happiness? Obviously not.

Good money, good health, success are very important in life. They definitely make us happy if we can be satisfied and contended with our achievements. However few problems occur normally (a) We compare our money, health and success with some one else and feel bad that we are a bit less fortunate than the other. Comparison leads to misery and all the happiness due to our success is wiped out by this comparison. (b) We keep increasing our goals and feel sorry that we are not up to the mark. This also leads to unhappiness.

The point here is we need to challenge our potential and keep working towards higher success but we should not challenge our achievement. At any time, we should feel happy and contented and then work towards higher goals. However some where we misplace our priorities and get caught in the circle of self inflicted misery.

If some one is wise to feel contented and happy with what is achieved without resorting to comparison, and manages to progressively become more and more successful in life, then also there is an element of unhappiness in life due to natural situations like loosing our loved one or incurring loss in business.

So whatever may be the situation, the happiness we get through life is never perfect and we crave for a higher level of happiness which is unconditional and which does not get disturbed through life's uncertainties.

Another reason we crave for happiness is because such a perfect happiness exists inside us and we already know it secretly and we are craving to get it. But we are working in the wrong place to get it.

Spirituality is searching for that inner happiness. All religions started with this basis and defined methods and procedures in order to attain that happiness. This is supposed to make our search easy. But over a period of time, methods and procedures took higher priority than the goal itself, the methods got distorted, and the importance of goal is lost.

Let us work directly to achieve our main goal of inner happiness than getting lost in complex methodologies or trying to prove superiority over other peoples' methods.