Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Invigorate yourself

This exercise can be done when you are physically and/or mentally tired or exhausted. This can also be done when you are feeling gloomy and frustrated.

Sit in a chair and close your eyes.
Keep your body relaxed.
Imagine a bright golden light (like a sun) in the area of your heart
Imagine the golden light spreading in all directions inside your body healing all your body parts.
Gradually the light is spreading to outside your body and covers your body as a golden ellipse extending to one feet outside your body.
Keep this image of golden ellipse covering your body steadily in your mind. Your body is filled with golden light both inside and outside. The rays are constantly spreading from your heart region to outside in all directions healing your every body part and your immediate environment.

Continue with this image for 5 minutes.
Gradually and slowly open your eyes and feel the difference in you.

Do this meditation every day twice for 5 minutes to improve your health and energy levels.
And this exercise can be done any time when you feel down and exhausted.